Welcome to FSCO Remote Access Services

RDS - Remote Desktop Service

This service provides you with access to a Remote Desktop where you can access file shares, Branch applications, Sharepoint/Intranet sites

RDW - Remote Desktop Web Service

This service provides you with a modern, web-based interface to your files, branch apps, Sharepoint/FSCO/OPS intranet sites

RDM - Remote Desktop for Mac

This service provides you with access to file shares, Branch Apps, SharePoint & FSCO/OPS Intranet sites using Apple Mac Computers

OWA - Outlook Web App

This service offers 24/7 access to Outlook E-mail, Calendar, Contacts, Address Book, Tasks and Out of Office Assistant from any browser

FTS - File Transfer Service

This service provides you with browser-based App to send or receive large files that exceed the 10MB size restriction of Outlook mail

SSPR - Self Service Password Reset

This service allows you to reset your own password. To use this service you must be registered first
Disclaimer. Access to and uses of FSCO’s Remote services are restricted to authorized FSCO users only. All authorized users are responsible for exercising appropriate security precautions in the use of these services. By using these services you agree to use these services in a secure location; be aware of your surroundings to prevent uninvited onlookers to ensure security/privacy; never store government information on a non-government computer; use these services to conduct government business only.