Welcome to FSCO's Remote Access Service

This service provides FSCO staff with remote terminal server access to branch applications, file shares and other internal services (e.g. Outlook email, SharePoint etc). For more information on Terminal Services or system requirements visit our help page.

Having trouble connecting? Check your system requirements.


Access to and use of FSCO's Remote Access service is restricted to authorized users. All authorized users are responsible for exercising appropriate security precautions in the use of this service.

I Agree (Start Session)                 I Disagree (Exit)
IMPORTANT: Enter "FSCO\" before your ID......



Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Click Open or Run, not Save.

Check "Don't ask again" and click Connect.

Enter "FSCO\" before your ID

Description: Description: File Download

Description: Description: Trust Prompt

Description: Description: FSCO Login


Logoff – End Session

Disconnect – Leave Session Active

NOTE: Idle sessions will disconnect and logoff

Click Start (Windows logo), Logoff

Click "x" in Connection Bar (top-centre of screen)

An idle session is defined as no mouse or keyboard movement  

Description: Description: Logoff

This is the preferred method to logoff and end your session.

Description: Description: Logoff

Choose this option if you would like to temporarily disconnect and resume your session later (within 2 hrs.)

Idle for 2 hrs. = Session will be disconnected (but not logged off) Reconnecting will resume previous session.

Disconnected for 1 hr. = Forced Logoff (potential data loss). Reconnect will start new session